10 Great Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women

It's not easy buying gifts for a pregnant woman. The usual go-to of alcohol is out, and there may be other things she needs to avoid during pregnancy (for example, women with gestational diabetes may need to limit their sugar intake). 

 Often, pregnant women receive gifts that are really intended for the baby. This usually doesn't go down very well. So we’ve compiled this list of thoughtful gifts to show the mama-to-be how much she means to you. In addition, we’ve included pampering gifts, experiences and gifts that will make her pregnancy easier. 

 So whether you’re shopping for a pregnancy shower gift, a birthday present or a Secret Santa token, there should be something on this list to suit the occasion. If a special mama-to-be in your life deserves a present (and don’t they all), look through this list to see what we recommend. 

Ten gifts for the mama-to-be in your life:

A pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy can be tough on the body. Pregnant women are lugging around a lot of extra weight, which can put a strain on their back, and many complain of backache by the time they get home from work. By the end of the day, the mama-to-be is likely uncomfortable, aching and desperate for sleep. A pregnancy pillow can help her get comfortable in bed, reduce her aches and pains and help her get a good night’s sleep. If she doesn’t have a pregnancy pillow, this gift will go down a storm. Give the gift of sleep by purchasing a Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow today

A pregnancy massage

It’s always nice to feel pampered, and pregnancy is no exception. A pregnancy massage will give her time to relax, relieve her aches and pains and leave her feeling nurtured. It’s crucial to ensure the massage therapist is trained in pregnancy massages as these are different to general massages. Choose a therapist who understands the needs of the pregnant body. You could gift vouchers for a massage or book you both in for a spa day together with a pregnancy massage included. This will be expensive but has the added benefit of spending quality time together before the baby arrives.

Pregnancy Massage

Take her out

Time is a beautiful gift, so why not spend some time with the special mama-to-be in your life? You could take her for lunch, to the theatre, for afternoon tea, or a walk in the countryside. Find out what she’d like to do and treat her to a trip out. Pregnancy can be lonely; many women cut their socialising because of fatigue and other pregnancy symptoms. Carving out some time to spend with the mama-to-be will be a much-appreciated gift. It doesn’t need to be expensive; the mama-to-be will appreciate the time you spend with her as much as any gift. If you’re stuck for ideas, ask her if there’s anything particular she would like to do.

Send them out

Another idea is to give her vouchers so she can take her partner out on a date before the baby arrives. Most places offer gift vouchers these days, so you could treat her to a cinema trip or a meal at her favourite restaurant, send them bowling or out to see her favourite comedian. They may struggle for date nights after the baby arrives, so this is an excellent gift for during pregnancy. If they already have children, you could offer to babysit for the night so they can go out. Alternatively, you could babysit during the day so the couple can have a day date. 

Comfy pyjamas

Is there anything nicer than snuggling down to watch TV in a brand new pair of pyjamas? If the mama-to-be is someone who loves her creature comforts, she’ll appreciate a pair of cosy pyjamas. Look for maternity pyjamas that she can wear after the birth, too. 

Comfy pyjamas for wearing during pregnancy

A pamper set

Mamas-to-be deserve to be pampered, so a pamper set is an excellent present. You could choose a pregnancy gift set or create your own using a mix of products. Bubble bath, pregnancy massage oil, and hand creams are great things to include. Think about her pregnancy complaints and see if there’s anything you can include to help them. For example, some people use magnesium bath soaks to tackle leg cramps during pregnancy. If she’s struggling with brittle nails, she might appreciate some hand cream designed to strengthen nails. 

A gift card to her favourite cafe

Thinking ahead to after the birth, she may appreciate a gift card to spend in her favourite cafe so she can call in for coffee and a slice of cake with her new mama friends. A gift card will allow her a few trips out of the house without worrying about the money. Building up the courage for days out with a new baby can take a while, but a trip to the local cafe is a great place to start.


Having a baby can be expensive, especially if it’s your first. Baby equipment soon adds up, and you can spend a small fortune filling the nursery with essentials. If you aren’t sure what to get the mama-to-be, vouchers are a fantastic idea. Choose a shop that sells a mix of products so she can decide what to spend them on. She may want to treat herself to something luxurious or buy something she knows she’ll need for the baby. Vouchers give her an excuse to buy something she might have had her eye on for a while. 

A hypnobirthing course

Many women credit hypnobirthing for their positive birth experiences. Hypnobirthing teaches women the tools to stay calm and empowered throughout the birth. It also teaches their partners how to be incredible birth partners, giving them ideas for ways they can help during the birth. 

While in-person courses can be expensive, there are plenty of options for cheaper online courses you can take at home. Not only are these affordable gifts, but they’re also convenient for the couple as they can be taken from the comfort of their own home at a time that suits. 

A breastfeeding basket

If you know she’s planning to breastfeed; a breastfeeding station is a fantastic gift. A breastfeeding station is a little basket of goodies she can move about the house with her, so she always has the essential things to hand in case the baby wants to feed. You should include some nipple cream, a good book, a magazine, a reusable water bottle and snacks. You could also include a battery charger for her phone, an audiobook subscription, a notepad, and a pen. Make sure there’s enough room for her phone and the television remote.

Breastfeeding basket

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